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October 2016

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I'm so excited to be the newest contributing writer to, sharing my thoughts on parenting and marketing to Gen Z. Check out my first article, focusing on Gen X's impact on our Gen Z kids.

“Young people have been marketed to since they were babies, they develop this incredibly sophisticated bullshit detector, and the only way to circumvent the bullshit detector is to not bullshit." - Vice founder Shane Smith.

One Poll Says Gen Z Is With Her

Channel One News today announced Hillary Clinton the winner of OneVote 2016, its nationwide mock election for students in upper elementary, middle and high schools, with 47% of the vote vs. 41% for Trump and 12% for "other" candidates. Apparently,... Continue Reading →

Gen Z: Feeling the Burn to Earn

Fantastic article. Thanks, Nancy at GettingGenZ.

It’s time to think of Generation Z as a generation with adults.

The generation we define as today’s tech-savvy kids is no longer just a bunch of kids who love their phones.  Born in 1995, the eldest of this ambitious generation of 2 billion globally are turning 21 this year and as adults, these Gen Z will have a favorable impact on the global economy, especially as consumers.

With the burn to earn a high salary, and passion for consumption, I predict that Gen Z will be a very powerful and lucrative consumer segment. The average US salary of an adult Gen Z will go from $16.90/week allowance to $50k-$70k/year salary , growing the $44B buying power up to $200B in a few years.  By 2020, Gen Z will be 40% of consumers in the US and is positioned to become the single largest group of consumers worldwide. Gen Z has been burning to earn…

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Cover Girl Makes a Bold, Brilliant Move

Confession. My name is Angie, and I'm a make-up junkie. Since I was a little girl, maybe 6 or 7, I've been obsessed with makeup. My favorite toy growing up? My giant Barbie head. The one that came with "make-up"... Continue Reading →

From Fast Company: Can Abercrombie Entice Gen Z By Being Nicer?

Good question. I was just talking about this with my great friend and hairdresser (Josh Richardson, a millennial). Josh was reminiscing about how Abercrombie & Fitch used to be the "it" brand with millennials in the 90s. As a Gen... Continue Reading →

Gen Z + Music: Pandora White Paper

Kudos, Pandora. The music-streaming giant recently commissioned a white paper to showcase Gen Z's obsession with music and convince marketers that adopting a music strategy is a "foolproof" way to engage this generation. Brilliant, competitive move, especially as suggests... Continue Reading →

Inaugural Marketing to Gen Z Conference Gets an A+

I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Marketing to Gen Z conference in NY earlier this week, and I walked away more convinced than ever that Gen Z is the most significant generation of our lifetime. And that we,... Continue Reading →


"If marketers thought they threw out the playbook with millennials, they need to know that Gen Zers aren't even playing on the same field." - AdAge

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