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November 2016

My latest article on Smart Phones are Smart for Homework Time, Too

This mom got schooled about what homework time looks like today. Check it out.

Too Little, Too Late for Abercrombie?

One-time powerhouse clothing brand among millennial teens, Abercrombie & Fitch, just posted its third straight quarter of losses. If you understand Gen Z, it's easy to understand why. Among other factors, the brand has never recovered from the 2014 comments of... Continue Reading →

Gen Z is Katniss in a Real-World Hunger Games

This morning, when I asked my Gen Z daughter, 13, what she thought of the election results, she said, “I think we just started the real-world Hunger Games.” A truly terrifying statement! But she wasn’t pointing the finger at Trump,... Continue Reading →

Black-ish Star, Yara Shahidi (16), Wants Young People to Vote

Black-ish is a great show. Admittedly, I don't watch it religiously (like I do Survivor, Empire and others), but when I do tune in, I find myself laughing. A lot. But one of the shows young stars, Yara Shahidi (16),... Continue Reading →

Why Market to Gen Z, and Why Now?

Worth the read - Move Over Millennials, Marketers Set Sights on Gen Z, from CMS Wire, written by Kevin Lindsay, Director of Marketing at Adobe. Kevin makes some great points, summarized below if you don't have time to read the... Continue Reading →

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