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January 2017

They Wanna Go to Work, Work (Work Work Work Work)

Girl group Fifth Harmony wasn't singing about Gen Z when they recorded their popular song, "Work From Home." The catchy line "you don't wanna go to work" (work then repeated something like a thousand times) might apply to millennials, but... Continue Reading →

I’m Subscribing to Teen Vogue Today!

With all the fake "news" swirling today, how are tweens/teens supposed to know what to believe? Adults can't even make sense of it all! Thankfully, one teen-focused publication -- Teen Vogue --  keeps surprising us with its informative, thoughtful editorial on important... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Gen Z Research

Happy New Year, everyone! It's been several weeks since my last post. Like most people, I went into a holiday-induced hibernation for a bit. But also, I hadn't seen anything worth writing about regarding Gen Z. Until now. Barkley/FutureCast just released some... Continue Reading →

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